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Anisetta Rosati

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Anisetta Rosati

Since 1877 in Ascoli Piceno

It is a splendid liqueur thanks to a diligent distillation process that proceeds with double steaming and slow evaporations, followed by a fine and careful selection of Green Anise of Castignano (Pimpinella Anisum L.) “universally known for its finest and delightful perfume”.

Spirit Details:

Tasting Notes:
The Anisetta Rosati is very pleasant to the palate due to its perfect proportionate doses in addition of other Mediterranean spices, and very low sugar content. Considered a room-temperature digestif, at its best as a pleasant refreshing drink with three coffee beans and ice.

Vinyard Notes:
Grown in sunny, well-drained fertile soils caressed by the Sibillini Mountain breeze, located in the most exclusive breath-taking hills of the Piceno hills in between the beautiful Adriatic Sea and the mountains. Hand picked by skilled farmers on unforgettable full moon summer nights.