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Rosso Novarese, "Mimmo"

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Rosso Novarese, "Mimmo"

“Mimmo” is dedicated to a friend from Boca who collaborated with the winery for many years to improve the quality standards in their vineyards. The wine can be defined as a “Little Boca.” Less structured and riper parts of “Boca DOC” (Nebbiolo and Vepsolina grapes) are blended after two years of aging in large barrels together with riper Croatina grapes (30%) to produce a light wine which is more amenable than “Boca DOC” and functions as good door-opener to the more complex but also more demanding flagship wine “Boca DOC.” There is a nice floral and fruity flavor with a soft elegance and long-lasting taste. “Mimmo” does not need to age for long but matures well over a period of three to six years.










Appellation:  Vino Rosso

Type:  Red, dry

Grape Varieties:  Nebbiolo (65%), Vespolina (5%), Croatina (30%)


Wine Details:

Vinyard Notes:
Vineyards:  Nebbiolo come from new vineyards (planted 1999 to 2000) at 45o meters above sea level. Croatina and Vespolina from 100 year-old vines on Montalbano and Santuario at 500 meters above sea level. Soil:   Crumbled porphyry of volcanic origin The 2010 vintage comes from a cold year with a long nice autumn and a very late harvest, after the 20th of October.  The phenolical ripeness was extremely high with lower alcohol levels at less than 13%

Winemaking Notes:
Nebbiolo is fermented for 30 days on the must in stainless steel tanks, punching down the cap by hand.  Ageing in large barrels of Slavonian oak (28HL) for two years with bottling in September of 2012. Croatina and Vespolina had a short fermentation (5 days) in an open wooden barrel pushing down the must by hand. Ageing one year in Tonneaux from Troncais and one year large wooden barrels of Slavonian oak (28hl). This is the first production of this wine - 12,000 bottles