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Vino Bianco

βιαηκΩ – For purely legal reasons the wine cannot be named after its varietal. One of the synonyms for that grape is Greco Novarese and locally it is referred to as Greco Bianco (It is not that grape though so it cannot be called that either). Playful use of the Greek alphabet makes the name appear to bianco yet, like a harlequin, the truth can be spoken behind this foolish mask.

Appellation: Vino, Boca, Piemonte

Style: White, dry

Varietal: 100% Erbaluce

Alcohol: 12.5%

Serving temperature: 10° C (50º F)

Wine Details:

Tasting Notes:
Light-straw-yellow in color with green reflections the wine has full aromas of white flowers, honey, and apricot. In the mouth it is fine, bright and elegant. The finish is clean, persistent and has a pleasant sapidity with almond and hawthorn notes. A wine to accompany any light pasta dishes or plates with creamy sauces, shellfish, mature and hard cheese, lean fish, and cured meat. We recommend serving at 10ªC (50º F) in a large Burgundy-style glass

Vinyard Notes:
Production area: Novara.

Winemaking Notes:
Ripe and healthy grapes are the absolute basis for any quality wine. Hand harvested clusters are placed whole and intact in a vertical Champagne press. This results in a clean must, this avoids vegetal or green notes, which is neither treated or cooled allowing the wine to develop naturally. There is no racking or stiring of the lees until bottling. Very little sulpher is used (40mg / l). Vinification is performed in three separate vessels, cement, amphora magazine, and acacia barrel and tested after six months before the final blending and bottling.