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Cannici, Rosso Passito

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Cannici, Rosso Passito

Appellation: Calabria Rosso Passito IGT
Type: Red
Grape Varietie(s): Gaglioppo 100%

Wine Details:

Tasting Notes:
Tasting Notes: Color: dark intense ruby red Aroma: fruity, intense, floral scent with heavier notes of red, ripe fruit, plums and cherries and accents of violet with delicate hints of figs and sweets. Taste: intense, sweet and velvety on the tongue with appreciable softness and persistence. A pleasant tannic note and pleasant acidity are expressed in a precious balance. Food pairing: This is a wine for indulgent silences, accompanied by seasoned cheeses, perhaps a spicy pecorino. Perfect served with Calabrese dishes or desserts, dried fruits and figs or a cherry tart. Very exciting paired with chocolate. Serving Temperature: 12˚ -14˚ C, or 53˚-57˚ F  

Vinyard Notes:
Production area: Melito di Porto Salvo Soil: medium consistency, with veins of clay

Winemaking Notes:
This is also known as Straw Wine. Hand-picked grapes are allowed to whither and dry to almost raisin-like status before fermentation. This causes a sweet wine with an exquisite bouquet and flavor. Vinification: in temperature-controlled stainless steel tanks; 12 days of maceration, soft pressing following. Aging: in stainless steel