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Roero Le Coste

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Roero Le Coste

Roero DOCG red wine must be 100% Nebbiolo grown and produced within the delimited area of Roero. The grapes must undergo ageing in wood. The name Le Coste is an approved additional geographical mention (Cru) of the appellation Roero.

Appellation: Roero DOCG, Le Coste

Varietal: 100% Nebbiolo

Wine Details:

Tasting Notes:
Color: Garnet – with age it will gain orange rim variation typical of Nebbiolo.
Bouquet: Scents of cherry, plum, raspberry and violet, all of which are the distinctive aromatics associated with Nebbiolo. Gradually notes of strawberry, blackberry, blueberry, tobacco, licorice and vanilla appear as it opens in the glass. Finally the aromas of cacao, cinnamon and peppercorn become perceptible.
Palate: The mouth is characterized by a medium astringency of the tannins and by a pleasant, well-balanced freshness and softness. A perfect balance of elegance and power that is to expected from the finest Nebbiolos of Piemonte.
Alcohol: 14/14.5%
Serving Temperature: Chilled 16/18° C (60°/64° F)
Pairing: very complex meat-based courses and truffle-based dishes. This wine also highlights the taste of aged cheese.

Vinyard Notes:
Subzone: La Coste, Santo Stefano, Roero
Vineyard: One hectare, 70-year-old vines
Attitude and Altitude: South facing, 280 meters
Soil: Calcareous and clayish soil with a low percentage of sand
Training System: Guyot  

Winemaking Notes:
Harvest: Hand harvested in the middle October
Aging: Slavonian oak big barrels and then some months in bottle before release.