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Pinot Grigio, "Aristos"

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Pinot Grigio, "Aristos"

This elegant wine owes its fragrant bouquet to controlled production and delicate refining in acacia barriques.  A wine that charms with its extraordinary combination of the acidulous and fruity notes of its bouquet.

Appellation:  Alto Adige Valle Isarco DOC

Type: White, dry

Grape Variety:  Pinot Grigio  ( Rulander)

Wine Details:

Tasting Notes:
An elegant, full white wine with a long finish Color:  from greenish-yellow to light yellow Bouquet:  full, pleasant, rounded Taste:  aromatic, robust, spiced Food Pairing:  an excellent aperitif; pairs well with light hors d'oeuvres, cold meats egg or mushroom dishes, freshwater fish and poached shellfish Aging capacity: 4 - 5 years

Vinyard Notes:
Production Area:  Chiusa, Velturno Altitude:  1970 feet Training method:  Guyot Harvest:  mid October, hand-picked

Winemaking Notes:
Mature wines with superior character are used to produce the “Aristos” label range. The fundamental requirements for obtaining excellence in a wine are defined already at the vine cultivation stage, where a careful selection of the grapes and yield limitation guarantee maximum product quality. Needless to say, wines that meet such exacting requirements are grown only in the best production areas and produce these authentic rarities and are produced in limited quantities.