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Appellation: Boca DOC
Type: Red Wine
Grape Varieties: Nebbiolo (85%) and Vespolina (15%)
Region: Piemonte

Wine Details:

Tasting Notes:
The mineral composition of the porphyry soil together with the characteristics of the Nebbiolo grapes create in “Boca” a full expressive wine.  Flavors are reminiscent of well-matured wood berries, tobacco and leather with hints of balsamic and citrus fruits.  Power and silky elegance develop in the mouth which plays with a slightly noble-bitter finish. Ages well from 10- 20 years.

Vinyard Notes:
Production Area:  The Boca wine region in Piedmont district of Novara. Vineyards:  Situated between Valle Sesia and the lake of Orta in the Lower Alps. Traversagna Vineyards:  1300 to 1475 feet above sea level – 30 years old Piane Vineyards:  1375 – 11700 feet above sea level – over 50 years old- Guyot training New Boca Vineyards:  in Mottosergo, Meridiana, Valvecchi and Traversagna – Guyot training Soil:  mineral gravel, porphyry soil – highly acidic Harvest:  middle of October

Winemaking Notes:
Vinification:  maceration on the skins for 30 days both in open wooden vats and in stainless with punching sown 3 times per day.  No yeasts added. Aging:  48 months aging in the cellar with 36 months of this in wooden casks and 12 months in the bottle.