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Piedirosso "Mille"

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Piedirosso "Mille"

Appellation: Rosso Rocomonfina IGT
Type: Red
Grape Varietals: 75% Piedirosso 25% Aglianico
Region: Cacciagalli, Teano (Ce) Campania

“Mille” is named after the “1000” who followed and marched with Giuseppe Garibaldi who is considered to be one of the “fathers of Italy”. He commanded and fought in many military campaigns. He gathered his thousand “red shirts” in 1860 and conquered Sicily, gaining the first step to Italy uniting as a country. The thousand, marched across the land that now grows this fine wine that I Cacciagalli wisely named Mille, which translates in English to “1000”.

Wine Details:

Tasting Notes:
Color:  Intense Ruby Red Bouquet: clear smell of wild visciole “sour” cherries and dark berries. Flavor:  Pleasant taste with the tannins still young and fresh and sour. Long lasting finish with the fruity taste as its final notes.

Vinyard Notes:
Vineyard:  600 feet of elevation. The volcanic nature of the soil, mild climate and topography of the area makes it particularly suited for agriculture; hence our land is able to yield an exceptionally high-quality product. The terrain is rich in minerals and in particular potassium, which is beneficial to the vines and is also reflected in the quality of the wine produced, elegant, intense, sapid, rich in aroma and flavor. Vineyard Management: Guyot Soil: Volcanic, lime and clay soil with good organic matter Plants per Hectare:  4,400 Yield per Hectare: 50-60 q Viticulture:  organic and biodynamic.

Winemaking Notes:
Vinification:   use wild yeasts and age in cement tanks; aged 6 months in Greek Amphora; followed by 6-8 months in the bottle. Stabilization:    Natural with no filtering and unclarified Harvest: first two weeks in October; Picked by hand