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Prime Uve Oro (Acquavite d’Uva)

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Prime Uve Oro (Acquavite d’Uva)

Made by fermenting whole grapes ( as opposed to grappa which is distilled from marc), this exquisite aqua vitae results from the distillation  of fine white grapes such as Prosecco (Glera) and Riesling.

Distinctive flavors are captured and enhanced by state-of-the-art distillation at low temperatures.   Quality control starts in the vineyard: finest terrain and exposures, densely planted vines yielding small, highly concentrated crops, green harvest in July, severely selected fruit, hand-picked at the ideal maturation point.

Characterized by its peculiar rich taste, this unique grape distillate combines in itself the refreshing aroma of fragrant hillside white grapes with the complexity acquired from an apt aging period in small oak barrels. The production technique, exclusive and rigorous in each of its phases, from harvest to distillation and final wood maturation, certifies its premium quality.  This Maschio aqua vitae starts off as a potential fine wine, and becomes a great distillate.

Tasting Notes:  

Aroma: Unmistakable fruity and floral sensations with a slight hint of vanilla.

Palate: Full-bodied, aromatic, unique.

Best served at cellar temperature.