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Prime Uve (Acquavite d’Uva)

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Prime Uve (Acquavite d’Uva)

This exquisite aqua vitae results from the distillation of such fine white grapes such as Prosecco and Riesling  Quality control starts in the vineyard: finest terrain and exposures, densely planted vines yielding small, highly concentrated crops, green harvest in July, severely selected fruit, hand-picked at the ideal maturation point.

Fermentation and distillation of the grapes follow a unique procedure developed by Bonaventura Maschio.
Thanks to this exclusive method, the balance of aromas and flavors is remarkable.

Made by fermenting whole grapes ( as opposed to grappa which is distilled from marc),   whose distinctive flavors are captured and enhanced by state-of-the-art distillation at low temperatures.     Maschio aqua vitae starts off as a potential fine wine, and becomes a great distillate.