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Grappa, 903 Barrique

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Grappa, 903 Barrique

Grape Pomace used to make Grappa is not delicate, fragile or fine like grapes. It is rather like earth or clay, to be moulded in your hands. Passion, sensitivity and experience are required. We distill Grappa by following the private recipe our family has passed down from one generation to the next for over a century, from the times when Antonio Maschio used to light the oak logs under his alembics near the Piave River.

Grappa 903  is dedicated to Bonaventura Maschio, founder of the company in Gaiarine, born in 1903, whose research and work constitute a milestone in the field of distillation.

His method is re-proposed here, to obtain a perfect balance between the  grape spirits that come from different grape varieties, distilled separately in exclusive copper alembics and then blended in the right proportion.