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Amaro Zarri

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Amaro Zarri

Our Amaro is born from the Zarri family tradition, following a recipe guarded for half of a century in the archives of the Villa Zarri cellars.

This digestive is prepared by a process of cold alcohol infusion with 28 precious herbs and aromatic roots of a bitter and elegant taste; we can attribute this taste to the quassio, rhubarb, wormwood, colombo, licorice, mint, cinchona bark, gentian, bitter and sweet orange zest, and many others.

The extract thus obtained is left to stand for several months in a steel container before it achieves an alcoholic degree of consumption of 35 degrees.

At this point it is ready to be filtered and bottled.
Tasting Notes
Bright brown tone with gold-green highlights.

Ample and elegant nose, rich with seductive scents of orange peel, rhubarb, mint, gentian, aloe, cinchona bark, walnut, licorice, prunes, roasted coffee beans and herbs.

It arrives on the palate with a softness and perfect balance, round and moderately warm; it flaunts a long gustative progression in which exalt notes of roasted coffee and licorice sticks, adorned by refined balsamic echoes.