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Intorcia (Marsala)

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Intorcia (Marsala)

The Intorcia winery was established in 1930 by the Intorcia family who still manages the business.  The Intorcia family invested in Marsala and introduced it to the world.  The establishment has been extended in different periods during the years until its complete restructure.  Since then, the constant modifications have been made to catch up with the development of new technologies based on the product’s quality.  Today, the Cantine Intorcia covers area of 25,000 square miles (around 270,000 square feet), with the capacity to process  more than 100,000 hectoliters (about 2,641,720 gallons) of wine including evocative aging cellars capable of refining up to 20,000 hectoliters (528,344 gallons) in oak casks/ barrels.  The business has always distinguished itself for the production of “Marsala” wine, fortified wines (Zibibbo, Moscato, Malvasia) and I.G.T. Tables Wines (Nero d’Avola and Inzolia).  The winery is a part of the Volunteer Consortium for the Protection of Marsala Wine.  Culture, history, passion and tradition are just some of the few elements of the Intrinsic Marsala and the Intorcia family.


Marsala was the first among Italy’s wines to be recognized, by a forerunner law (Ministerial Order on October 15, 1931 and was signed by the Ministers Mr. Acerbo and Mr. Bottai, which regulated the “Production boundary of Marsala’s typical wine”), the once known, nowadays, as DOC (Controlled Denomination of Origin).


The Intorcia family has returned to their ancient traditions to protect the priceless heritage of a city, from which this wine takes its name.  In addition, to preserving the traditional heritage, the investment made by the estate in recent years had the goal of optimizing the production process, restyling the brand, and promoting the local wines worldwide.