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The Cantine Olivella winery was founded in 2004 in the small town of Santa Anastasia, province of Naples, by Andrea Cozzolino, Ciro Giordano and Domenico Ciriello. The vineyards are located on the northern slopes of Monte Somma, within the Vesuvius National Park, a protected area where the cultivation of grapes goes back to the early Roman times. Andrea Cozzolino’s family has been producing local table wine for the family and friends since the 1960’s.

In 1974, a fragment of an ancient terracotta jar was found nearby
the Olivella spring, from which the winery takes its name. This discovery affirms that the area was producing wines for the markets of Rome and Pompeii even in ancient times. The jar fragment bears the abbreviated inscription for “Sextus Catius Festus,” the name of a local wine producer, along with an imprint depicting a stylized leaf, shaped like a heart. These symbols have been adapted and became the logo of Cantine Olivella .

The motto of the winery is “Catalanesca is our grape”. It expresses the passion and determination of the founders who, for over fifteen years, have worked to restore the Catalanesca grape, a variety that was brought into the area in the 15th century when the Spaniards ruled the Kingdom of Naples.

Currently, Cantine Olivella has 10 hectares of vineyards planted.